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UNM Optical Science and Engineering Program

Volume 1, Issue 1

Spring 2018


The OSE Program Moving Forward!!



The OSE Program Moving Forward!                                                     

Established in 1983, the Optics Program at the University of New Mexico (UNM) is one of the oldest and most successful science and engineering interdisciplinary programs worldwide with a strong international reputation both in education and research. Today, the Optical Science and Engineering (OSE) program is affiliated with separate departments in multiple schools/colleges, including Physics & Astronomy, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical and Biological Engineering, and Applied Mathematics, which means students are naturally exposed to multiple disciplines. The strong interdisciplinary nature of OSE sets it apart from many others in the U.S. and abroad.

Weekly Optics Talks – The OSE Seminar Series
OSE Featured Alumni 
This year the OSE program has several exciting new initiatives that will allow the program to keep moving forward in the areas of education and research. First, the OSE program been award several key research grants. Specifically, Drs. Sheik-Bahae and Mafi received and their collaborators were awarded $7.5 million for their project, titled "Radiation-Balanced Lasers — New Vistas in Optical Gain and Refrigeration Materials," subtitled "Multi-disciplinary Approach to Radiation Balanced Lasers (MARBLE).” The field of radiation-balanced lasers deals with excess heat generated in lasers, and MARBLE will address this with rare earth elements and semiconductors in disks, fibers, and microstructures. Second, the new Physics, Astronomy & Interdisciplinary Science Center (PAIS) will be a 137,000 square foot facility which will have upper division class labs; general classrooms and resource areas; and faculty, graduate offices. Third, the OSE program this fall will be launching its new streamline MS and PhD curriculum.
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                                                           Weekly Optics Talks - The OSE Seminar Series

The Optical Science & Engineering program presents a series of talks focused on the latest research in the field of optics. Speakers include worldwide experts from academia, industry and national laboratories as well as UNM faculty. The entire series is available as a course for UNM credit.

To see a list of the upcoming and past speakers, click on the link below


                                                                                                 COMING IN THE FALL:   THE OSE ALUMNI DINNER EVENT


                                       OSE FEATURED ALUMNI


1991 PhD Graduate, Dr. Jeffrey W. Nicholson Currently Dr. Nicholson is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at OFS Laboratories, specializing in laser physics, optical fibers, and fiber lasers. OFS Telecommunications is a global designer, manufacturer and provider of optical fiber, fiber optic cable, FTTx, FTTH, optical connectivity and specialty photonics products. In 2017, Dr. Nicholson was elected as an OSA fellow.


2010 PhD Graduate, Dr. Denis Seletskiy Currently, Dr. Seletskiy is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Engineering Physics at Polytechnique Montréal. The primary aim of his research is to develop novel photonics tools and apply them to study quantumness of interacting light and matter toward real world high-technology applications. His other research interests include laser cooling of solids, nonlinear optics, nanophotonics and the development of new tools for optical precision metrology.


2006 PhD Graduate, Dr. Ganesh Balakrishnan Currently, Dr. Balakrishnan is an Associate Professor and Associate Chair for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UNM. Dr. Balakrishnan’s primary research focus for the past decade has been the growth and characterization of highly mismatched III-Sb compound semiconductors on GaAs and Silicon substrates. The specific contribution made by Dr. Balakrishnan to this area of research is the novel use of interfacial misfit dislocation arrays in enabling low defect-density, bufferless, monolithic integration of III-Sb on GaAs and Silicon substrates for increased antimonide device functionality on mature platforms. His body of work using molecular beam epitaxy has resulted in over 60 peer-reviewed publications, 30 conference presentations and several patents.

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Partner with the OSE Program The Optical Science and Engineering Program (OSE) at the University of New Mexico (UNM) is seeking alumni partners to launch new initiatives. We have an exciting opportunity for our alumni to directly contribute to our success through donations. These financial contributions will ensure the success of the OSE program and its graduates for years to come. The vision of the OSE program is to provide a top-flight graduate program of education and research in optics and photonics, and the program has fulfilled this mission for over thirty years. Pioneering research has originated from this program in areas ranging from the quantum theory of lasers to ultrashort pulse physics to optoelectronic devices, to cite only a few examples. UNM leadership and faculty have worked closely with industry leaders to develop programs to address this much needed, highly skilled workforce. To that end we are seeking support in three areas: Student Scholarships, OSE Seminar Series, and OSE Distinguished Lecture Series.
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