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UNM Optical Science & Engineering Alumni List

Academic PeriodNameDegreeThesis/Dissertation Title
Fall 1999Nelson, Douglas H.Doctoral DegreeWave optics simulation of atmospheric turbulence and reflective speckle effects in CO2 lidar
Spring 2000Teehan, Russell F.Doctoral DegreePower scaling and frequency stabilization of an injection-locked laser
Fall 2000Logofatu, Petre CDoctoral DegreeSensitivity optimized scatterometry
Fall 2000Rambo, Patrick K.Doctoral DegreeLaser-induced lightning
Fall 2000Tyler, David W.Doctoral DegreeNoise reduction in astronomical spatial spectrum measurements
Spring 2001Grondalski, John P.Doctoral DegreeStudies of atomic motion and atomic diagnostics in optical lattices
Spring 2001Guo, WeiDoctoral DegreeMultiple scattering of light from optically trapped atoMasters Degree
Spring 2001Jasapara, JayeshDoctoral DegreeCharacterization of a femtosecond laser and its application to the study of breakdown in dielectric thin filMasters Degree (last name spelled Jaspara)
Fall 2001Brilliant, Nathan A.Doctoral DegreeYtterbium-doped, dual-clad fiber amplifiers
Fall 2001Jones, Ronald J.Doctoral DegreeHigh resolution optical frequency metrology with stabilized femtosecond lasers
Fall 2001Phipps, Stephen P.Doctoral DegreeRotational relaxation in carbon monoxide
Spring 2002Ackermann, MarkDoctoral DegreeBi-photon techniques for absolute calibration of on-orbit photon detectors
Spring 2002Obrien, Michael J.Doctoral DegreeAdvancements in optics-based chemical and biosensors with array applications
Fall 2002Berg, Vanessa S.Masters DegreeDesign and simulation of 3D-nonimaging angular transformer to improve power coupling efficiencies in a free-space optical communication system
Fall 2002Thompson, William E.Doctoral DegreeSix-wave mixing theory of tilted-grating, broad area semiconductor lasers with supressed filamentation
Spring 2003Hoyt, Chad W.Doctoral DegreeLaser cooling in thulium-doped solids
Spring 2003Pease, Edwin A.Doctoral DegreeMid-infrared GaInSb/AlGaInSb MQW laser grown on AlInSb metamorphic buffer layers
Summer 2003Vretenar, NatasaMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2003Hirayama, ToshiyukiMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2003Meng, XianmeiDoctoral DegreeUltra-short pulse optical parametric oscillator sensor
Fall 2003Popescu, PaulDoctoral DegreeSpatially- and spectrally-resolved investigations of InAs quantum dot structures
Fall 2003Stickford, TanyaMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2004Gilbert, Barbara L.Masters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2004Giuggioli, Luca ADoctoral DegreeTheory of transport in organic crystals and biological systeMasters Degree
Spring 2004Massey, Steven M.Masters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2004Bernstein, Aaron C.Doctoral DegreeMeasurements of ultrashort pulses self-focusing in air
Summer 2004Ling, HaiMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2004Zhang, YuleMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2004Donati, GiovanniDoctoral DegreeBandgaps and band offsets of GaSb lattice matched alloys
Fall 2004Su, HuiDoctoral DegreeDynamic properties of quantum dot distributed feedback lasers
Fall 2004Ukhanov, AlexanderDoctoral DegreeStudy of carrier-induced optical properties in III-V quantum confined laser nano-structures
Fall 2004Zhu, XiushanMasters DegreeAll-fiber broadband polarization transformer
Spring 2005Beckner, Charles C.Masters DegreeFundamental limits to noise reduction using support constraints and regularization : a Cramer-Rao bound analysis
Spring 2005Dang, Thien T.Doctoral DegreeTowards a compact mode locked laser gyroscope : study of a fiber ring laser and a Nd:YVO4 ring laser
Summer 2005Kletecka, Christopher S.Masters DegreeOptically pumped mid-IR HBr cascade laser
Summer 2005Sawruk, Nicholas W.Masters DegreeOptically pumped carbon monoxide cascade laser
Fall 2005Mero, MarkDoctoral DegreeFemtosecond laser induced breakdown in dielectric filMasters Degree
Fall 2005Vankipuram, Venkatesh SMasters DegreeToward fabrication of a nano photonic device
Spring 2006Balakrishnan, GaneshDoctoral DegreeInterfacial misfit dislocation array based growth mode for demonstration of monolithically integrated optically-pumped antimonide lasers on silicon
Spring 2006Navarro, MarthaMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2006Xue, LiangMasters DegreeTunable high-power midwave-infrared distributed-feedback lasers
Summer 2006Green, Steven W.Masters DegreeFeasibility of the use of a confocal microscope to image a human fingernail bed as means for identification
Summer 2006Kumar, RakeshMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2006Wang, ZhipengMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2006Greenberg, Melisa R.Masters DegreeSynthesis and characterization of colloidal quantum dots
Fall 2006Xin, YongchunDoctoral DegreeQuantum dot multi-section light emitters
Spring 2007Arissian, LadanDoctoral DegreeDark line resonance in Rb(87) due to coherent interaction with mode-locked lasers
Spring 2007Clark, Waylon T.Masters DegreeAnalysis of a laser induced plasma in high pressure SF6 gas for high-voltage, high-current switching
Spring 2007Haji, AlimMasters DegreeCramer-Rao bound analysis of multi-frame blind deconvolution
Summer 2007Jallipalli, AnithaMasters DegreeStructural, electrical characterization and simulation of periodic misfit dislocation arrays localized at the GaSb/GaAs interface
Summer 2007Kuznetsova, Yuliya V.Doctoral DegreeImaging interferometric microscopy : resolution to the limit of frequency space
Summer 2007Nuntawong, NoppadonDoctoral DegreeStrain compensation technique in InAs/GaAs SAQD structure grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Summer 2007Ratanavis, AmarinMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2007Rotter, Thomas J.Doctoral DegreeGrowth and properties of self assembled InAs quantum dash laser active regions
Summer 2007Wang, QuanMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2007Jing, XiaomoMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2007Liu, YeDoctoral DegreeInvestigation of ultrashort OPOs as ultrasensitive optical sensors
Spring 2008Godsey, David C.Masters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2008Khoshakhlagh, ArezouMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2008Li, YanDoctoral DegreeTechniques for high-speed direct modulation of quantum dot lasers
Spring 2008Longbotham, Nathan W.Masters DegreeExperimental characterization of Cr4+:YAG passively q-switched Cr:Nd:GSGG lasers and comparison with a simple rate equation model
Spring 2008Patterson, Wendy M.Masters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2008Xu, XiaozhenMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2008He, XiangMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2008Jallipalli, AnithaDoctoral DegreeStructural, electrical characterization and simulation of periodic misfit dislocation arrays localized at the GaSb/GaAs interface
Summer 2008Johnson, Nicholas A.Masters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2008Laghumavarapu, Ramesh BabuDoctoral DegreeInAs / GaAs and GaSb / GaAs quantum dot solar cells
Summer 2008Lin, Chang-YiMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2008Wong, Ping-ShowDoctoral DegreeControlled growth and device implementation of InAs quantum dots on nano-patterned GaAs pyramids by MOCVD
Fall 2008Bender, Daniel A.Doctoral DegreePrecision optical characterization on nanometer length and femtosecond time scales
Fall 2008Tiwari, MukeshDoctoral DegreeQuasiparticle motion in some classical and quantum mechanical systeMasters Degree : investigations of nanoscale friction and polaron mobility
Spring 2009Li, Chia-YehMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2009Liu, XuejunDoctoral DegreeImaging with and without time resolution using femtosecond laser pulses
Spring 2009Mirell, Daniel J.Doctoral DegreeExperimental study of infrared filaments under different initial conditions
Spring 2009Xue, LiangDoctoral DegreeTunable high-power midwave-infrared distributed-feedback lasers
Summer 2009Robin, Craig A.Masters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2009Zmuda, Michael W.Doctoral DegreeStimulated brillouin scattering effects and suppression techniques in high power fiber amplifiers
Fall 2009Wendy PattersonPH.D.Synthesis and evaluation of rare-earth doped glass and crystals for optical refrigeration.
Fall 2009Reyes, PabloMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2009Weber, ReedMasters DegreeNonlinear microscopy for material characterization
Fall 2009Chris VergienMasters DegreeNon Thesis Degree
Fall 2009Jilek, BrookMasters DegreeSPINS:  Spectral Phase Interrogation using Nonlinear Spectra
Fall 2009Karasala, SatishMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2010Pulford, BenjaminMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2010Braga, Alexandre De Pinho E. Doctoral DegreeBidirectional Mode-locked Fiber Ringer Laser
Spring 2010Seeley, DonaldMasters DegreeAnalysis and Modeling of Phase Noise in LOCSET and the AFRL High Power Fiber Laser Amplifiers
Spring 2010Ratanavis, AmarinDoctoral DegreeTheoretical and experimental studies of optically pumped molecular gas laser
Spring 2010Masoud, AliMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2010Bradshaw, DouglasDoctoral DegreeDispersion, controlled dispersion and three applications
Spring 2010Lu, ChunteMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2010Pulford, BenjaminMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2010Wang, ChengoaMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2010Kim, Ha SulDoctoral DegreeInvestigation of InAs/GaSb Superlattice based nBn Detectors and Focal Plane Arrays
Summer 2010Sun, ZhanliangMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2010Mischuck, BrianDoctoral DegreeQuantum Control of Cold AtoMasters Degree
Fall 2010Seletskiy, DenisDoctoral DegreeUltrafast Terahertz Spectroscopy of Elementary Excitations in Semiconductors
Fall 2010Daneshbod, MehranMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2010Gragossian, AramMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2010Masuda, KojiMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2010Raghunathan, RaviMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2010Rathi, PranavMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2011Feng, ChengyongMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2011Guo, ShuwenMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2011Lin, Chang-YiDoctoral DegreeMicrowave techniques and applications for semiconductor quantum dot mode-locked lasers
Spring 2011Nguyen, DuyMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2011Richey, Jeff W.Masters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2011Yang, ZhouMasters Degree Non-Thesis Degree
Spring 2011Zeringue, ClintDoctoral DegreeA theoretical and experimental analysis of SBS suppression through modification of amplifier seed.
Summer 2011Robin, Craig A.Doctoral DegreeNovel Approaches to Power Scaling of Single-Frequency Photonic Crystal Fiber Amplifiers
Summer 2011Nelson, Douglas H.Masters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2011Melgaard, SethMasters DegreeCryogenic optical refrigeration
Fall 2011Luo, XuanMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2011Pulford, BenjaminDoctoral DegreeLOCSET Phase Locking: Operation, Diagnostics, and Applications
Fall 2011Carson, TylerMasters DegreeHigh Power High Efficiency Ceramic Solid State Laser
Fall 2011Mao, ChenchenMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2011Vretenar, NatasaDoctoral DegreeRoom Temperature and Cryogenic Yb: YAG Thin Disk Laser: Single Crystal and Ceramic
Spring 2012Liu, ShengMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2012Lan, ShoufengMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2012Walter, KendrickMasters Degree"Metrology Techniques"
Summer 2012Oberling, JasonMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2012Shirazi Hosseini Dokht, Mohammad Ali Masters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2012Rahimi, NassimMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2012Allen, AaronMasters DegreeVertical-External Cavity Seurface Emitting Lasing in the infrared
keywords: VECSEL, VCSEL, semiconductor laser, solid state laser, mode locking, laser
Fall 2012Weber, ReedDoctoral Degree Nonlinear microscopy for material characterization
Fall 2012Ghasemkhani, MohammadrezaMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2012Nami, MohsenMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2012Oliker, BenjaminMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2012Kamer, BrianMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2013Rasoulof, MohammadaminMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2013Melgaard, SethDoctoral DegreeCryogenic optical refrigeration:  Laser cooling of solids below 123 K
Spring 2013Way, BrandynMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2013Mercado Sotelo, EmmanuelMasters DegreeLow-temperature characterization of a 1.55-µm multiple-quantum-well laser down to 10 K
Summer 2013Murrell, DavidMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2013Rathi, PranavDoctoral DegreeOptical tweezers for biomechanical applications
Summer 2013Xu, HuiwenDoctoral DegreeControlled Lasing in Gallium Nitride Nanowires
Summer 2013Raghunathan, RaviDoctoral DegreeTheoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Nonlinear Dynamical Trends of Passively Mode-Locked Quantum Dot Lasers
Fall 2013Li, ChangyiMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2013Zhang, XuerongMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2013Neumann, AlexanderDoctoral Degree

Fall 2013Deng, YangMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2014Rahimi, NassimDoctoral DegreeDesign, Fabrication and Characterization of Epitaxial and Non-Epitaxial Thermo-Photovoltaic Cells
Spring 2014Xu, XiaozhenDoctoral DegreeHigh power UV source development and its applications 
Spring 2014Yeak, Jeremy Nai JinDoctoral DegreeOptical Filaments and Gas Dynamics in Air
Spring 2014Luo, XuanDoctoral Degree

Investigation of intracavity phase interferometry applied to nano-metrology
Summer 2014Narravula, SrikanthDoctoral Degree 

Bayesian Estimators, Error Bounds, and Applications to Imaging
Summer 2014Eller, RhettMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2014He, XiangDoctoral DegreeOptically Pumped Type-II Mid-Infrared Tunable Distributed Feedback Lasers
Summer 2014Masuda, KojiDoctoral DegreeIntracavity coherent interaction of mode-locked pulse train with resonant medium
Summer 2014Dacha, PreethiMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2014Roshanzadeh, BehshadMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2014Murrell, DavidDoctoral DegreeAnalytical and experimental methods for studying novel cavity geometries in quantum dot mode locked lasers.
Fall 2014Lu, ChunteDoctoral DegreeBeam Combining of Fiber Lasers and Vertical External Surface Emitting Lasers Using Volume Bragg Gratings
Fall 2014Liu, ShengDoctoral DegreeDevelopment of Optical Systems and Imaging Analyses for Hyperspectral Microscopy and 3D Super-Resolution Imaging.
Fall 2014Wang, YiMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2014Shen, FengMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2014Vergien, ChristopherDoctoral DegreeInvestigation of Single-Frequency High Power Raman Fiber Amplifier for Guide Star Application
Fall 2014Alaie, SeyedhamidrezaMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2014Kazemi, AlirezaMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2015Nezhadbadeh, ShimaMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2015Giannini, NathanMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2015Mansoori, AhmadMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2015Wang, Chih FengMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2015Kumar, RakeshDoctoral DegreeThree-Dimensional Imaging using a Novel Rotating Point Spread Function Imager
Spring 2015Sun, ZhanliangDoctoral Degree 

Pulsed laser induced breakdown in solid state materials and air
Spring 2015Chu, Fei HungMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2015Hendrie, JamesMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2015Zhu, RuichaoMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2015Xu, YejiaMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2015Jiang, ZengmingMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2015Hossain, Md MottalebMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2015Wang, ChengoaDoctoral DegreePrecise Characterization and Investigation of Laser Cooling in III-V Compound Semiconductors
Summer 2015Taghipour, ZahraMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2015Chaudhuri, AnabilMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2015Jamil, ErumMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2015Rostami, SaeidMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2015Abaie, BehnamMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2015Rastegari, AliMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2015Chu, Fei HungDoctoral Degree 

Simulation of strongly injection-locked semiconductor ring lasers
Fall 2015Knobel, KimberlyMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2015Afkhamiardakani, HaniehMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2016Feng, ChengyongDoctoral Degree 

Sub-nanosecond UV filaments and their applications for remote spectroscopy and high-voltage discharges
Spring 2016Li, ChangyiDoctoral Degree 

Top-down Cross-Section Controlled III-Nitride Nanowire Lasers
Spring 2016Li, Chia-YehDoctoral Degree 

Ultrafast Broadband Terahertz Spectroscopy
Spring 2016Behzadi, BehsanMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2016Mobini Souchelmaei, EsmaeilMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2016Ren, ZhixiangMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2016Dahiya, VintaMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2016Hsu, NingMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2016Kazemi, AlirezaDoctoral Degree 

Investigation of Charge Transport in Nano-patterned and Hybrid Graphene Field Effect Transistors
Spring 2016Rostami, SherminehDoctoral Degree 

Polarization characterization of nonlinear laser propagation
Spring 2016Behzadirad, MahmoudMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2016Hackett, ShawnDoctoral Degree 

High Power Optically Pumped Semiconductor Lasers for Sodium Guidestar Applications
Fall 2016Yang, ZhouDoctoral Degree 

Fall 2016Fazel, MohamadrezaMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2016Ruane, BryanMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2016Zhu, RuichaoDoctoral Degree 

Spring 2017Khabbazi Oskouei, AmirMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2017Beygi Azar Aghbolagh, FarzinMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2017Farzam, FarzinMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Spring 2017Lin, ShenMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2017Rasoulof, MohammadaminDoctoral DegreeAniosotropy & Emission from Air with Laser Filaments
Summer 2017Sasidharan, VineethMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2017Huang, KeMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2017Jamil, ErumDoctoral DegreeAnalytical modeling and characterization for avalanche photodiodes
Summer 2017Rashidi, ArmanMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Summer 2017Xu, YejiaDoctoral DegreeSpatio-temporally resolved optical laser-induced damage to study defect limited performance of optical films
Fall 2017Mitul, Abu FarzanMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2017Silani, YaserMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2017Davico, KennethMasters DegreeNon-Thesis Degree
Fall 2017Gragossian, AramDoctoral Degree Synchronous generation and coherent control of extreme wavelength radiation and ultrafast spectroscopy